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Family Friendly Walking Path at Latourell Falls

My mother in law recently asked me to come up with some easy, senior friendly walks that she could take with her visiting sister. The first thing I thought of was Latourelle Falls. It has hardly any elevation gain, it's practically paved, and you can see the waterfall without even leaving the parking lot. Nailed it.

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Beautiful Waterfall Hike to Pup Creek Falls

The Clackamas River Trail leading to Pup Creek Falls is a moderately difficult hike, with a few short but steep hills and a pretty long, 9-mile roundtrip loop. It's a beautiful scenic trek about 15 miles outside Estacada that leads to a 100' tall stunning waterfall. Read more about hiking to Pup Creek Falls on the Clackamas River Trail...

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Grab and Go Hiking Daypack

Ready, Set, Hike! Though you may think that going out for a day hike doesn't require many supplies, we still go with the "I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it" philosophy. Erin's recent excruciating ankle blister on our walk to Frenchman's Bar is a perfect example of wishing we had been better prepared.  Really, anything can happen. Twist your ankle and need to wait for a ride in the open sun? You'll be glad you have snacks, water and even a blanket to sit on. Did the weatherman get it wrong? AGAIN? You'll be glad you have that sunscreen with you. The list goes on. And while you can't be prepared for...

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