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Day Trip to Trillium Lake

Sometimes instead of driving for hours upon hours and hiking up a mountain, you just want to simply chillax outdoors in a beautiful location. Queue Trillium Lake! If you grew up anywhere near Portland, you're probably familiar with this location. It's not exactly a secluded location, so if you're looking for privacy, keep driving. But if strolling and picnicking are your jam, read on my friends.

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Beautiful Waterfall Hike to Pup Creek Falls

The Clackamas River Trail leading to Pup Creek Falls is a moderately difficult hike, with a few short but steep hills and a pretty long, 9-mile roundtrip loop. It's a beautiful scenic trek about 15 miles outside Estacada that leads to a 100' tall stunning waterfall. Read more about hiking to Pup Creek Falls on the Clackamas River Trail...

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