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Managing Your Period While Traveling: The Hilarious and Frightening Truth About Menstrual Cups

One of the newest fads in period-care was no doubt spawned by the legalization of women doing “men-things”, such as working, playing sports, performing in plays, going outside unaccompanied, and obtaining bank loans.  The trouble is, having a period while doing those things can really get in the way.  Enter the menstrual “cup”.

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Hiking Tikal National Park - A Guided Sunset Adventure

Our guided hike through Tikal National Park was well worth the hype. Tikal is a magical place full of ancient Mayan history, architecture and art that will blow your mind. We shuttled from Flores to Tikal with a package that we purchased from a local travel agent in Flores. Our tour included a guide, which I would highly recommend. Here are photos and details of our guided tour through Tikal National Forest.

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