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Hiking Tikal National Park - A Guided Sunset Adventure

Our guided hike through Tikal National Park was well worth the hype. Tikal is a magical place full of ancient Mayan history, architecture and art that will blow your mind. We shuttled from Flores to Tikal with a package that we purchased from a local travel agent in Flores. Our tour included a guide, which I would highly recommend. Here are photos and details of our guided tour through Tikal National Forest.

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Our review of Hotel Isla de Flores

The Best Hotel in Flores, Guatemala We enjoyed our stay at Isla de Flores Hotel so much. Upon arriving, the staff was friendly and helpful, and knew enough english to help answer our questions. The lobby of the hotel is inviting and thoughtfully decorated. Fresh water is served and you can sit and enjoy passers by in the "open air" feel of the first floor. Amenities at Hotel Isla de Flores There is a restaurant and a bar, both of which were really great. (Try the fruit and yogurt for breakfast! Yum!) However, they definitely charge "tourist" prices, which is still cheaper than anything of equivalent quality in the USA.  About Hotel Isla de Flores The hotel is a few stories high...

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Beautiful Entryways and Windows in Guatemala

If you've ever seen photos of Antigua or Flores, Guatemala, you've certainly seen a photo or two of the vibrant color that lines each cobblestone street. I was particularly enamored by how inviting and unique the beautiful entryways and windows are in these two vibrant Guatemalan towns.  Open Doors in Antigua I've heard that if a door is open in Antigua, you are welcome to come in. This doesn't surprise me one bit, based on the interactions that we had with locals while we were there. It is the friendliest place we have visited so far in our travels, and the fact that they are so conscience of making entryways feel so warm and beautiful goes right along with the...

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