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2-Week Guatemala Travel Itinerary

How We Spent Our Two Amazing Weeks in Guatemala During our recent adventures of hiking, eating, shopping and so many things to do, we felt that our 2-week Guatemala travel itinerary was the perfect amount of time. Knowing that we have a dog and two cats to come home to that we were missing desperately toward the end of our trip made two weeks of travel just about enough. However, when I return to Guatemala I will want to stay longer next time.  Travel Slowly in Guatemala Two weeks in Guatemala will not be nearly enough time to see the entire country. Shuttling or busing from town to town can be a slow, windy trip and is enough to wear...

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10 Reasons to Visit and Re-Visit Guatemala

Here are the top 10 reasons that I loved my visit to Guatemala, and why I want so much to go back again. From food to guided excursions to hiking around Lake Atitlan, I've included all of my favorite moments of our two week trip with beautiful photos to inspire your next Central American vacation. Vamanos!

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Managing Your Period While Traveling: The Hilarious and Frightening Truth About Menstrual Cups

One of the newest fads in period-care was no doubt spawned by the legalization of women doing “men-things”, such as working, playing sports, performing in plays, going outside unaccompanied, and obtaining bank loans.  The trouble is, having a period while doing those things can really get in the way.  Enter the menstrual “cup”.

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